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Felipe and Dionna Rojas, have a strong relationship, which spans over 20 years that has assisted them in always fighting for their marriage. Their love for each other and God is what has brought them through difficult times early in their relationship. From immigration and cultural differences to building and blending their unique family. Dionna is a 25-year veteran in the non -profit sector supporting families in need. Felipe is a retired chef of 20 years and the owner of Rojas Professional Services Landscaping Company for the past eight years. Felipe and Dionna have three beautiful children who are in different stages of development, and they are the proud grandparents of a beautiful grandson. Felipe and Dionna believe that sharing their love story with others is a true testament of commitment.

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Our Marriage Message

Blended Families

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The essence of the Rich Relationships book project is to provide support and a safe community for couples and families in need of marriage guidance. Empowering couples to build, repair, and restore their relationships by applying biblical principles is the mission of the Rich Relationship Project. Gil & Renée, 17 powerful couples, and two subject experts will share their marriage message and the secrets to their marital oneness. Our Podcast & book will equip couples who pick up this book with the relationship skills many of us may have lacked at the beginning of our marital journey. Join us as we break the silence of past and present pain and dysfunction. Remember, we are stronger together let's grow!


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